Transition Purchasing from a Co-Op to Partnering with SpenDifference


The Situation:

National chain account was part of a purchasing co-op dedicated to one company’s brands and made the decision to exit that group’s co-op and find a supply chain services provider.

The Result:

  • This brand’s purchasing co-op administration was transitioned from the previous group’s co-op to SpenDifference within 10 weeks
  • The chain account chose SpenDifference to provide the Supply Chain function and went with the On-Site option
  • Supply chain completely transitioned in 10 weeks
  • The transition included setting up over 300 items, hiring a team to support the client, managing LTOs that were in process, renewing time sensitive contracts, and taking over management of the co-op board to support the chain.
  • The transition was seamless. Many franchisees were not even aware of the change.
  • In the short time SpenDifference has managed this program we have delivered over $3 million in save to the account