Solutions that work

We have a commitment to enter into a true partnership with our client. And building trust and demonstrating integrity, means you have access to all of your brand specific processes, systems and revenue stream.

Strategic Sourcing

We follow a disciplined sourcing process to build category strategies that leverages all clients’ spend, and our team has deep expertise in all categories including protein, seafood, commodities, packaging, equipment and beyond.

Our team collaborates with you on specification evaluation on key products and recommends optimization strategies to further reduce costs. Then, the sourcing process leads to optimal number of SKU’s to provide maximum supply chain value.

Risk Management

Our risk management process provides recommendations to drive longer term predictable costs on key items to protect customers’ operating profits and ensure accurate budgeting of cost of goods sold. And we partner with industry recognized economists to help understand future pricing trends.

Business Insights

Business intelligence is the foundation of our business. It allows restaurant brands to be proactive versus reactive, and the information we provide is unique to each brand, because it drives concrete actions that improve brand revenue and profitability.

All our contract communication and contract management are driven by industry leading technology.

Distribution + Logistics

Our distribution team provides the critical role of ensuring products are delivered to every restaurant at the right time, the right price, and the right condition.

The services we provide include distribution network design, pricing negotiation, logistics, freight, performance and service evaluation, which lead to the right for solution for each client.

Our distribution team is also responsible for contract price audits, distributor price communication, product transitions, distributor inventory management, contract administration, onboarding distribution centers.

“We empower restaurants to realize their full brand potential, and we are relentlessly committed to solving your unique supply chain needs with customized solutions that best fit the needs of your business.”

Service Models

Service Models

What our clients say


“SpenDifference has been a true and powerful partner of Dream Dinners. They brought forth a solution that we had not had available to us previously. In the void of scale that most mid-size companies face in food procurement, SpenDifference crafted a solution with us that has led to leverage and substantial food cost reductions traditionally not available to a company our size. They are not an extension of our business; they are integral in our operations and part of the Dream Dinners family. “

Darin Leonard
Dream Dinners – CEO

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