Joining your Long John Silver’s National Purchasing Co-op

All Long John Silver’s franchisees are eligible to join the Long John Silver’s National Purchasing Co-op.  Co-op membership provides valuable benefits, detailed in the Membership Information Packet. The Co-op partners with two supply chain entities, SpenDifference and Alliance Cost Containment, to negotiate approved product pricing.  While the pricing negotiated by the Co-op’s supply chain partners is available to all operators who purchase them, only co-op members are eligible to:

  • Receive patronage dividends
  • Elect directors to the Co-op Board, providing you a voice in selecting your Co-op leadership

For more information on the patronage dividend program and the benefits of joining the Co-op, please review the Membership Information Packet.  If you are interested in joining the Co-op or have additional questions, please e-mail LJSMembership@spendifference.com.