Expertise to Succeed

Restaurant brands.

The supply chain function is changing. A volatile economy, escalating costs and regulatory changes put pressure on brands to succeed. We manage total cost of ownership through our comprehensive understanding of the foodservice industry and the supply chain function, while maintaining complete transparency for you and your brand.

Procurement and Specification Optimization

With in-depth experience in all food categories, we create effective strategies that leverage overall spend across our customer base. We work with you to manage custom contract specifications while providing options to improve positions. We provide ClientCast™, a dashboard that allows Clients to see their supply chain performance on demand.

Risk Management

Our team of industry-leading economists presents insights each quarter with our CommodityCast Report. This results in smarter contracting, lower risk and improved profitability.

Business Intelligence

Our proprietary Business Intelligence Suite features FoodCast, a powerful predictive food cost tool, supported by PerformCast, comparing overall spend versus the commodity market.

Distribution and Logistics

Our distribution and logistics resources provide contract price audits, pricing communication, product transitions, inventory management, contract administration, and onboarding distribution centers.

SpenDifference Levels of Service

Service Models

Your distributor. Your choice.

Restaurant brands own the decisions concerning their distribution partnerships. Together, we can build a successful relationship with distributors while driving compliance, monitoring prices and managing overall service levels.

Suppliers. Simpler.

We’re the single point of contact between suppliers and restaurant brands, saving time and driving efficiencies, which accelerates the supplier’s selling cycle. In turn, these relationships accelerate the introduction of new products to marketing, culinary and purchasing professionals.