Meet the Team

We’re specialists with diverse expertise in the foodservice industry. We understand restaurant operations, culinary, supply chain, finance, marketing, supplier dynamics, and distributor relationships — because we’ve lived it.

  • Maryanne Rose

    President, Chief Executive Officer
  • Tom Toohey

    Sr. Director, Strategic Initiatives Director
  • Jeff Kelly

    Business Development
  • Liz Longstreet Darr

    Vice President, Client Solutions
  • Deborah Force

    Client Solutions
  • Robyn Johnson

    Client Solutions
  • Lynn Serrato

    Client Solutions
  • Abby Lancaster

    Client Solutions
  • Lori Ries

    Client Solutions
  • Emily Biesecker

    Client Solutions
  • Kate Rigsby

    Client Solutions
  • Jeremy Sipes

    Client Solutions
  • Frank Lucero

    Sr. Director, Distribution & Logistics
  • Glen Rietveld

  • Curt Small

    Distribution & Logistics
  • Charity Buccino

    Executive Assistant/Accounting
  • Brian Glabe

    Sr. Director, Finance
  • Jesse Slater

  • Tanner Lutz

  • Matt Heckroth

    Sr. Director, Information Technology
  • Matt Troop

    Information Technology
  • Jeff Franzblau

    Sr. Director, Purchasing
  • Melissa Victor

    Director, Purchasing
  • Bryce Anderson

    Director, Purchasing
  • Amy Smith

    Director, Purchasing
  • Sue Keller

  • Damion Cordova

  • Cole Krebs

  • Jeremy Bramow

  • Tonya Sanchez

  • Kevin Hadley

    Purchasing Operations
  • Tiffany Liang

    Purchasing Operations Manager